Alien Life on Earth: Beautiful Bugs That Look Out Of This World

We have an affinity for the weird natural oddities of our world, and this next fascination is no exception. When we think about the ground that we walk on and the air that we breathe, rarely do we think of the critters that co-inhabit our space — earth-dwellers who are either too small to see or to pay attention to.

In our collection of 40 million images, bugs of all shapes and sizes are waiting to inspire your alien creativity. You probably knew that the annoying fly that found its way into your home consistently buzzes at an annoying rate, but did you realize it also quite possibly possesses a highly colorful physique? Browse through some of our favorite macro-bug images here, and check out the full lightbox below for even more bug life.

Macro black and white | Andrzej Wilusz

Cheerful Damselfly | Miroslav Hlavko

Big bug | biker11

Rainbow colored beetle | yanikap

Macro blue | Andrzej Wilusz

Close-up housefly | skynetphoto

Firecracker dragonfly | Richard A McMillin

Colorful Horsefly | Sebastian Janicki

Sharp and detailed view of metallic wasp | Tomatito

Top image: Close-up Tipula head by Tomatito

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